'Coming Together For His Greater Kingdom Purpose'

There is nothing to join. NO annual fees to pay. NO Ecclesiastical Hierarchal  body of presiding bishops.  We are all sons of the same Father and brothers of the same family. We embrace ordained, covenantal relationships that are birthed by the Spirit, nurtured by Grace and Established by Love. We encourage healthy and productive relationships within the brotherhood, and believe that being properly related will further empower all of us in life and ministry. However, we do provide oversight for men and women with whom we are apostolically related, and we stand ready to serve those to whom we are sent within our respective spheres of influence. We are accountable to Yahweh and one another, as we are responsible to watch for each others souls.


That all relationship starts with fellowship.

That fellowship should lead to healthy and productive relationship.

That healthy and productive relationship facilitates growth, development  and Kingdom advancement.

That Kingdom advancement is ordained of Yahweh and it speaks to the importance of being properly related.

That ordained covenantal relationship is worth the time and energy it takes to nurture and develop it.  


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Unless and until we are willing to relate beyond our petty differences, nothing much will change about our lives together in Him. Diversity is the spice of life and unity cannot be achieved without controversy, conflict, concession & compromise. Simply put, we need one another, and we are better together.

"The things that unite us are more important than the things that divide us" 
Prophetic Thoughts & Musings
"It can get pretty lonely being right all the time" Unknown

‘UNITY’ for me comes out of an understanding that we are all sons of the same Father and brothers of the same family. Therefore we must learn to value the part and divine placement of every other member of the family. When we are willing to move beyond cooperating and tolerating each other, we will begin to celebrate the distinguishing characteristics that make each one of us different. Only then, will we begin to understand that what each one of us brings to the table is for someone else, and therefore has very little to do with how it makes us feel to contribute. That means, what others bring to the table may be something that will empower us in our quest to advance the Kingdom of Yahweh together. Part of receiving one another will include, receiving what each one of us carries close to our hearts. So it is!


"Every Champion was once a contender who refused to give up." Go the distance! 
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